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We Provide High Quality Products

Quality is not an act, it is an habit!

One of the first major criteria at Freedom is the quality of our products. From the selection of a top material to the final packaging, we make sure to select the best to provide you the quality you are looking for your medical device.

Intraocular Lens

A full range of intraocular lens, to match your requirements!


Intraocular Lenses for your cat, dog, and even horse!
Custom Design on request.

Surgical Instruments

In Stainless Steels, or in Titanium, Surgical Instruments need to be robust and last in time. More than 500 references available at Freedom

Injector & Cartridges

What you need to implant your IOL, in case of cataract surgery. Different injectors, different cartridges available!

Micro-Surgical Blades

Micro-Surgical Knives are a key factor for a perfect surgery. Check with one is more suitable for your surgery!

Other Products

All the other products you will need during an eye surgery: CTR, Iris Hook, Capsular Hook, Iris Claw, etc…

Every eye is an eye. When you’re doing the surgery there, that is just as important as if you were doing eye surgery on the prime minister or the king.

Fred HollowsOphthalmologist